Our Story

Welcome to KOKO Plums Beauty!

KOKO Plums is a family-based business operating in New York City. We were motivated to start KOKO Plums based on our own desires to find a reliable source for quality hair care. We got it! And now we are here to service those same needs to you.
As a supplier of quality hair care products in the USA, we know how it is. You want quality hair care that fits your luxurious style & personality. We guarantee every product we offer with a KOKO Plums seal of approval.

Quality Hair Care!
We understand how important a good hair care routine is. After struggling for years with dry hair that continued to break we decided to create a hair care line that is full of moisturizing ingredients. We formulated a product line to meet the needs of our family. With the use of our products we have seen great results and stand 100% behind the benefits our collection offers. Beneficial to both kids and adults, our black Castor Collection promotes scalp health and length retention through penetrating and moisturizing ingredients. It’s the perfect blend for a healthy hair journey!!
We are more than just committed to quality. It’s part of who we are. The KOKO Plums luxury experience was designed to elevate & enhance the way you think about hair care!
When you visit our store, everything from the layout to our products and beyond was designed to provide a luxury experience. KOKO Plums is here to make hair easy for you. We’ve done the work so you can enjoy the best quality the market has to offer.

Give your hair the break it deserves and explore our hair care collection today!
It’s time Beauties…Join the KOKO Squad Today!
KOKO Plums Beauty, CEO:
Sidra B. Patrick