Our moisture rich Black Castor Collection uses a mixture of natural ingredients to penetrate and nourish your hair. We care about your hairs health. That's why we ensure our products are sulfate and paraben free!

Naturally Formulated, Quality Hair Care!

Hair Mist

Black Castor and Aloe

Our hair mist is a rich hydrating spray that deeply moisturizes dry hair to alleviate dryness and breakage. Perfect to use when taking hair down from a protective styling to avoid breakage. Great to use as a daily mist to ensure hair stays moisturized.

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Koko Plums

Hair Growth Serum

Our 4 oz Hair Growth Serum consists of a Healthy blend of essential oils that work together to promote scalp health, strengthen the hair and add shine to restore and maintain healthy hair. With consistent use the benefits of this oil will aid in promoting and maintaining hair growth/length retention.

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Koko Plums Beauty

what says our customers about us!
  • The Black Castor Moisturizing Hair Cream gave all the moisture & shine that I needed! It also has a delicious, fruity scent 😍
    The Hair Growth Oil is a blend of essential oils that soothed my scalp! It’s the perfect oil for a scalp massage. This oil also added shine to my hair (y’all know I love shine😂)


  • Black Castor Hair Cream- The moisture that's packed in this jar is CRAZY! As soon as I applied this to my hair, it instantly melted in. It has a light, fresh scent & it made my curls POP! This gave me a soft, fluffy hold, which I didn't mind.. LOVE! Excellent moisturizer.


  • IT’S ME finding a cream that defines my hair ALONE for me 💟
    Black Castor Hair Cream: This cream blew me AWAYYY! It has a thick consistency so a small amount goes a long way. The definition it provided for my has 😍.
    All of their products are packed with aloe and black castor oil to promote growth and strengthen your strands ! 


  • "Black Castor Oil Trio Hair Care Set" 💜 All the products had a sweet berry scent + moisturized my hair so well 💦 for this twist out.


  • I think I just found a gold mine! Koko Plums Beauty  hair care collection really changed how my hair feels and looks! Just after one use, I can honestly say it might be my favorite black hair product! 
    With @kokoplumsbeauty black Castor oil hair care set, my natural hair stays healthy, clean, and the curls stay in tact. 🤍